About Ten Touch

My goal at Ten Touch Creative is to leverage my industry experience to help create more focused personalized creative plans specific to my client’s needs.

A graduate of SUNY Fashion Institute of Technology, I was a marketing major with a minor in home furnishings, and I am proud to say I spent my career doing what I majored in.

I started my career in the retail working for Pottery Barn and Williams-Sonoma. Within nine months I worked my way up to store manager for the biggest store in New Jersey in Short Hills Mall. Proud of what I had accomplished, I went back to tell my college professor and he said his girls don’t work retail. He walked me up to Macy’s product development, and long story short I was hired by the product manager for Cookware and I spent the last 27 years in product development for cookware, hard home, and food prep.

I spent eight great years with Macy’s product development. I continue to work my way up to all hard home/food prep categories.

Wanting to expand my product development base, I left and went to the private product development company call Frederick Adkins. Unfortunately within the second year, they were bought and the offices were to be closed. During this troubled time, I connected with one of my suppliers and the rest is history.

I’ve spent the past 19 years pursuing an amazing opportunity to do both marketing and product development with national brands and every retailer in North America. I built the retail marketing program, now called the consumer marketing program, into a global marketing division. I built a division that helped retailers importers and brand owners of every aspect of product development. It was an amazing journey and one of the most successful programs in my company’s history.

I have a passion for marketing, I can see it. So I decided to create an agency that could help brands and companies create the right and focused creative materials to attract and engage audiences and build their businesses.

Hiring a creative consultant is hard enough to find someone you can trust, and then once you find them getting them to understand your business your market and your consumer is an even greater challenge.

I’ve built a solid reputation in this market and I’m confident in anyone you asked for references will speak to my character my integrity.

This is no ordinary creative partner. I can create the tools that speak the right voice for your products for your services and for your company.

On a personal note, I am married and have four wonderful children. I love to read. I know a lot of people say that, but it’s truly my passion and if you check my Kindle I’m on a pretty cool reading streak! I also love to work out – currently training for a unique physical challenge in December 2020. Yoga is my other passion. I also make jewelry, which is one of my outlets for my creativity.

All of the above combined with my 27 years of experience, generational mindset and my creative talents and there’s no one I can offer what I can.