“Always remember, the tallest building will be nothing without its foundation.”

– Rajiv Doraiswamy

Your website is your digital storefront.  Whether you sell services or products, this is the new face of your company.  Even if you have an actual storefront or office, this is often the first place a new customer will go to learn about you and your company.

Your digital presence must be consistent with your company’s strategies. If done right it can push you above the competition – or if not, it can drop you from their radar without any other contact with you

It is the primary asset to connect customers – the foundation of your marketing plan.

First Glance

Upon entering the site, customers should get an immediate sense of who you are, what you do and why you do it.  There must be elements to draw them in and want to learn more – and above all it must be easy to use and simple to navigate. 

The design of the site – layout, color, use of images, flow – all contribute to the user’s experience and add to the impression the customer forms about your company.

Sound Structure

From there, your site needs 5 more elements to be successful.  These include site speed, mobile optimization, calls-to-action, and lead capture. 

It only takes about 0.5 seconds for them to make their decision and 88% are less likely to return after a bad experience so to acquire and retain customers your website must be optimized. Below is a checklist you can use to go through your website to make it fully optimized.

What is your site saying about you?