How these little squares can pack a real effective marketing punch!

The QR code is making a comeback!  No app required!  And the timing couldn’t be better.

When QR codes first came out, there were those who tested the waters as a new marketing tool.  Some saw success, but it was not simple to use.  It required the user to have an app to access, and this caused a barrier for many.  The number one rule in marketing (and in most things) is it must be simple to understand.

In recent years, cell phone developers integrated QR scanning abilities into their cameras.  Today, the chances are you own a phone (as does your customer) that can quickly and easily scan a QR code.  Integration of this technology changed the whole story – now QR codes are simple to use. This opens a whole new door to new marketing tools.

Unlimited Possibilities

The QR code is small and powerful.  That one simple square can be packed with videos, links to landing pages and so much more.  It also functions in small sizes. So it could go on a label as small as one you would find on produce in your favorite grocery store.  It can fit on any existing packaging, and due to its unique format – it stands out and engages immediately. 

Design of QR codes have also advanced, with the ability to create custom designs using different colors, eyes (the corners of the codes), data graphics, and frames.  You can imbed your logo or a design.  Lots of great options to make it personalized for your company and corporate brand strategy.

The QR code can offer important information, launch videos explaining the product or service, and/or deliver deals, discounts, or coupons.  They can increase add on sales for e-commerce shipments and expand the power to connect and inform a customer on an actual selling floor – bringing the customer all they need to know in order to make the decision to purchase, all with one quick scan.

There are so many ways to use QR codes, and this is the first of many posts on this important technology. 

Are you using QR codes? If so, feel free to share your stories.  Happy scanning!

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